Wednesday, September 06, 2006

About Blogging

I always heard from people around me, who do not dare to blog their honest feeling, because they were afraid that "someone" is watching, and that "someone" might get to them during one fine day.

In the ancient days, during the dictators' era, innocent people were arrested and prosecuted, without proper proceeding and trial. We have learnt all these mistreatments from history books, and how un-humane it is that end up with millions of sad stories. In this modern day, we thank god that there are rules and regulations governing a country. We are all being "protected" under the constitution law and you would not get prosecuted for something that you have done correctly, provided there is no foul play in the legal system.

I believe that when you blog about some incidents, basically it shows how much you care about it. You wouldn't want to blog about how many times have you eaten in a day, as it is simply meaningless to talk about. Similarly, if someone visits your blog, it shows that they are listening to your opinion, for me, I feel that it is a great thing to share.

So there is nothing wrong with blogging, we are not defaming a honest person, and we are just being critical on the decision, hoping to refine it so that it just gets better each time. It might be an insignificant contribution at this stage, but the re-iteration of the idea might propagates far into the following generations and benefits the society as a whole.

So, what about blogging?

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