Friday, September 08, 2006

Entry Requirement

Entry criteria not workable - The Star, 8th Sept 2006
  • IF THE Advanced Technology Training Centres (Adtec) strictly used the academic criteria for its student intake, many would fail to qualify.
  • The Auditor-General’s report said, generally, the Adtec programmes were carried out well, but there was a critical shortage of lecturers.
  • The Auditor-General’s report also noted that the seminar room at the Shah Alam Adtec was often used for other activities such as the staff monthly meeting, which caused a number of lectures to be postponed as a result.
  • Between 2003 and 2005, forth-eight lectures had to be postponed, which caused problems to the lecturers and trainees.

In a nutshell, efficiency is still a concern in the institution, more effort need to put in and make sure resource is not wasted.

Entry requirement? We strived hard to get into the school, college and university that we want, and no one is to assume that even if you failed, someone will come to your rescue. So, what is the big fuss about many would fail to qualify for Adtec? We cannot afford to lower the entry requirement and pass/fail standard just to make sure more persons will gain entry and more will graduate from the school. What would the potential employer and investors feel about the skill level of these graduates? A lot of instances, quality were being compromised, just to make sure there are more graduates, but did anyone think of how this has actually impact the whole ecosystem? It is simply a pyramid system, some would be at the bottom of pyramid, and less would be on the top. You can't espect everyone is on the top of pyramid as the structure just don't hold.

Some claims that unemployment rate is caused by those who are too choosy during job selection. Just think about it, would a university graduate want to take on a technician job? Since there are more candidates, would the employees choose the one with highest calibre? You can create more graduates, but the knowledge gap will still be there for potential employer to assess. It's time to stop spoon feeding. Based on Darwin's evolution theory, only the strongest survived! and this theory has been proven by mother nature, no further stats is needed.

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