Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally, I'm Blogging

Finally, I'm Blogging.

I have gone through numerous blogs for the past weeks, to name a few, and would top the list of my favourite blog for alternative viewpoints on the hottest issue surrounding concerned Malaysians.

I grown-up as a typical Malaysian and I love my country, not less than the love I showered for my family. Being a non-bumi and not a richman's son in Malaysia, meaning I have to work extremely hard to get what I want. There is not a single complaint, since we ("non-bumi) have accepted the facts that all the "priviledges" have been pre-defined even before I was borned and all these obstacles actully helped us achieving what we are today, a stronger and a better person.

So, what has prompted me to start composing a blog?... Something that appears in yesterday's newspaper, "marginalisation" is the word. "MARGINALISATION"??!!??! I believe this word is non-stranger to us, from the day we know what is politics. Applause to Koh-Tsu-Koon, "show us the stats and figure", I would be interested to know what is it like! "Take it for granted" would be the best phrase to use when people stop loving each other and stop appreciating what they have.

By the way, the other term that catches my eye is "Singapore Malays". How does "Singapore Malays" relates to "marginalisation" of "Penang Malays" in this case. I have lots of Singaporean Malay friends and none of them has actually complaint to me about "marginalisation" and whoever made this comment might want to listen to what "non-bumi" has to say about "marginalisation" in Malaysia. Will there be another stats and figure on Singapore Malays? Let's see.

What has happened in this world, O2 deprivation is in the air, there is no room to breathe...

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