Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Talk" To Each Other

We have powers to cut fines, say police - We can reduce them when or how we want to. We do not have to consult the Transport Ministry. (The Star, 6th Sept 2006)

Chan: Surprised over move to reduce traffic fines - The Transport Ministry, tasked with reducing road accidents and improving road safety, was not consulted over the reduction of traffic fines. (The Star, 6th Sept 2006)

Communication problem? The common issue that we always faced in our working environment. Well, solution is simple, set-up a proper communication channel. If you are able to recall the tragecy of Tsunami, then perhaps you can appreciate the importance of a well established communication channel. The reason for inventing an additional column, "cc" (carbon copy) in your email, is simply for you to inform the related parties. It is not a must, but I bet you should do that out of courtesy, especially when your doing will indirectly affects other parties. "We have powers to" and "we do not have to consult" do sound a bit not too courteous for me if my friend or colleague talk to me in that manner.

Key word is to "talk". Just talk to each other and we can have 1 less headline in tomorrow's news. As for the pros and cons of reducing fines, it is something very individual and let's wait for the statistics to tell you the result.

Fines stay at old rates for now - Comm Mustafa said the police would accept the Cabinet’s decision as it was the highest authority in the country. “What choice do we have? We will wait until they have made their final decision,” he said . He said the original traffic fines prior to Monday’s reduction would be reinstated until the Cabinet came up with a final ruling. Comm Mustafa said the disagreement with the ministry was just a case of “miscommunication”. “We have no problems with the ministry. We can sit down and discuss the matter,” he said. (The Star, 7th Sept 2006)

1-0 to the government, so finally the Police "force" knows who is in charge and only now they have decided to "sit down and discuss". I still have faith in the government and I believe for a crucial decision to be made, it needs to go through lengthy consultation between the people, departments and various leaders, and no one is allowed to take things in their own hand.


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