Monday, November 13, 2006

More Than 1 Term of Back Tracking? Hell No!

Malaysian PM vows to stay in power despite attacks - Channelnewsasia, 12th Nov 2006
  • Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has vowed to remain in power despite ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad's criticism that he is endangering the economy, a report said Sunday.
  • "I will not run. I am here to stay. I have a long-term plan," Abdullah said in an interview with the Malay-language Mingguan Malaysia.
  • With all the policies and strategies in place, it would take more than one term to accomplish the mission, he said.
  • "I will work to ensure all the projects are implemented," he said.
  • Abdullah faces a test of support within the party at the week-long general assembly, where no restrictions have been placed on topics for debates.

I doubt there will be a test of support during UMNO's assembly. With Abdullah's "long term plan" in mind and his promise to "ensure all the projects are implemented", who wouldn't want to board this gravy train. It sounds like the train can go pretty far, because "it would take more than one term to accomplish the mission". Worse come to worst, blame the statistics.

He didn't mention about making a change, so I bet he prefer to run Malaysia the communist way. I wonder how far would Malaysia back-track after more than 1 term. If you have questions on how Malaysia has metarmorphed from a police state to a communist state, click on the link to read more on recent Bumi's equity debate.


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