Monday, November 13, 2006

A Bite On The Sweety Pie

Officer tried to frame me, says houseowner - The Star, 13th Nov 2006
  • A HOUSEOWNER in Klang caught a Health Department officer trying to frame him with a tube containing mosquito larvae, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.
  • Lee Hai Ann said about 10 health officers on their rounds to check for Aedes mosquito breeding grounds had demanded to enter his house.
  • “Upon entering my house, my wife spotted one of them holding a glass tube containing brownish water and was behaving suspiciously.
  • “The officer was shocked when my wife shouted at him. He accidentally spilled the content of the tube in his haste to put it into his pocket,” said Lee.
  • Lee said he then grabbed the glass tube from the man and found the tube to contain filthy water with mosquito larvae.
  • “The other officers immediately ushered the man away, leaving two others in my house."
  • They asked me to forget about the matter which I refused,” said Lee.
    He later lodged a police report.

Everyone wants a bite on the sweety pie, for those who are too far from reaching that pie, they resort to their own means. Want to know who contributed to the downslide of Malaysia's CPI ranking, PM? Check your mans!


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