Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Perfect Script

First, it was only a murder, then...

Analyst gave model diamonds, says consul - The Star, 9th Nov 2006

  • “Each time they met, the analyst would give her gifts such as jewellery, including diamonds. He had also deposited US$30,000 (RM111,000) into her account,” said Syed Abdul Rahman, who is based here.
  • He said Altantuya's family had kept all the jewellery receipts as well as photographs of the couple when they first met.
  • Syed Abdul Rahman said usually when Altantuya wanted to visit Malaysia, she and the analyst would meet beforehand in Shanghai before arriving here. “They would stay in a well-known hotel here each time Altantuya came,” he added.
  • He said the couple had travelled to South Africa and Europe together on holiday. – Bernama

The money element; RM111,000 cash, jewellery (including diamonds) and holidays to South Africa and Europe.

Woman’s dad to prove marital ties - The Star, 9th Nov 2006

  • The father of murdered model Altantuya Shaariibuu will come with documents to prove that she was married to the prominent political analyst, Mongolian honorary consul Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi said.
  • Syed Abdul Rahman, who is based here, said Altantuya's father would also be bringing his grandson for DNA tests to ascertain the identity of the father.
  • He said the family would be arriving over the next few days. He, however, declined to reveal the actual date of arrival, citing security concerns.
  • Syed Abdul Rahman said he was baffled by media reports claiming that Altantuya had extorted RM1.85mil from the political analyst.
  • “Altantuya's family is well off as her father is a successful contractor in Ulan Bator.”

Witnesses and evidence are flocking in, and probability of "another assassination" boil up the climax even higher. Accusation comes into the picture, claiming extortion of RM1.85mil by the victim from the poor married man.

Razak an urbane and debonair intellectual - The Star, 9th Nov 2006

  • Cabinet ministers, politicians and intellectuals who had been contacting reporters for confirmation of the analyst’s detention since Tuesday expressed shock at what had taken place.
  • “This is a shock to many of us because Abdul Razak is an affable person and everyone knows of his strong political ties with certain Umno personalities,” said a fellow analyst.
  • A former Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia lecturer regarded Abdul Razak as a “good man”, and he hoped that the public and media would adopt an open mind.

The "spin" element, he does sound like a good man, doesn't he?

Mongolian students express shock - The Star, 9th Nov 2006

  • Mongolian students here are shocked by the brutal murder of 28-year-old Mongolian freelance model Altantuya Shaariibuu.
  • “We do not know her but we are shocked to learn about her murder. We are also scared,” said Dorj Solongo, 23, when met at a college here.

The reactions.


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