Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Policey" Issue

Reward for cop who helped blind man - Sjn Ramli Abdullah was directing traffic on a hot sunny day when he noticed a blind man attempting to cross a busy Petaling Street.
The city traffic policeman rode towards the blind man, identified himself before bringing traffic to a halt and leading the man to the other side of the road. (The Star, 20th Sept 2006)

Applause to the cop, who went an extra mile to help the needy. Finally, a refreshing headline from the usual corruption and violence issue that tarnished the image of the police force. This is the image that we are expecting from the cops, someone that is kind hearted, willing to help and most importantly honest and not corrupted.

I started symphatising the police force when I learned of the tiny amount of salary that they are getting through recent news. I like to analogize management of a government department with how a company works because it is realistic. In the corporate world, if you can't manage your company well, be prepared to wrap up the business in no time.

You need to define a very good human resource policy to attract the right person. This include justification of their pay with regards to their respective education level, performance and on top of that, market rate/value. Without such policy in place, what you get is only left-over from the pool of available resources since you can't offer anything that attracts the best of the crops. Bad pay, bad prospect, what do you expect? Yes, bad service!


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