Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rots Till The Core

Extracts from KTemoc's blog posting on 1st February 2007:
  • On the average, 6.7 women in the country are getting raped daily while 1.65 persons are murdered everyday, not to mention that recently police officers have been charged with the murder of a Mongolian model.
  • The nation’s crime index recorded an almost 45% increase in crime cases from 2003 till last year.
  • Lim expressed surprise (?) in The New Straits Times (NST) publishing a total crime index figure that's vastly different from those published on the police official website. As mentioned the police figure for 2006 was 225,836 but the NST figure for the same periodwas 198,622. The NST did not state its source for the stats.
  • He asked whether somebody in the government has deliberately ameliorated the frightening crime figures in the country. If he doesn't watch it, AAB may call him a 'liar'.

So our country really rots, all the way to the core. Guess who forms the core?

Anyone Taking on Ghani for Defamation?

Singapore rebuts Johor CM's flood claim - Todayonline, 1st February 2007
  • Johor Chief Minister Abdul Ghani Othman told the New Straits Times that it was Singapore's reclamation project on Tekong island, close to the Johor river, that caused it to flood.
  • Mr Abdul Ghani claimed that this caused the mouth of the river to narrow and excess rain water could not be discharged. The river then burst its banks in Kota Tinggi, he said, submerging homes and streets.
  • Singapore has rebutted the claim and even Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak has distanced himself from his colleague's statement.
  • Meanwhile Singapore's Ministry of National Development (MND) said in response to media queries: "The comments are unfounded. This is confirmed by the results from the technical studies that were commissioned separately by both the Malaysian government and the Singapore government."
  • The studies were carried out as part of the proceedings before the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to settle the dispute on Singapore's land reclamation works at Pulau Tekong and Tuas View Extension.
  • The MND pointed out that a study carried out by Malaysia's Department of Irrigation and Drainage in 2002 on the impact of the reclamation works should there were no appreciable changes to the water levels within the Straits of Johor for flood flows.
  • "As such, the study concluded that there is no increased flooding due to Singapore's reclamation works," said the MND. Other studies came to similar conclusions. Both governments then accepted that it would not be necessary for the flood impact to be assessed any further.
  • "There is, therefore, no scientific basis to the allegations that the flood is caused by Singapore's land reclamation works in Pulau Tekong," said the MND.
  • The Johor administration has come under increasing pressure in the wake of the floods that killed 17 people and left Malaysia with a massive RM1.5 billion bill — the cost of helping the flood victims and repairing roads and schools. About 30,000 people are still taking shelter at relief centres.

It is the hottest trend now, hope that Singapore government would take Mr Ghani on court for "defamation"! I did not know that Mr Ghani is so knowledgeable in scientific study, perhaps he can share some of his findings, rather than wasting his precious time pointing fingers at Singapore, trying to find a perfect scapegoat when he is under intensed pressure for their messed-up relief activities.

How does he think that he can get away with his baseless accusation? Bear in mind that Singapore is not ruled by the all-mighty UMNO party, so not everyone can take the same sh*t.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A No-Vote from Me

PM: I’ll run in next elections - Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants to run in the next general election and continue leading the country. “I think so. I think so. There is a lot of work to be done. There is a lot of work. Yes,” the Prime Minister said when asked if he still had the appetite for the job and planned to contest in the next elections, expected in 2009. (The Star, 25th Jan 2006)

Still fancy running in the next election, dear PM? I am seriously disappointed from the recent "scandals" exposed in various media and one thing for sure, I won't vote for you! I am seeing now how our country rots and I want to make sure it is on the right track again.

I have decided to post this, despite all the limitation for me to go online and continue blogging. Walk with us, god bless Jeff & Rocky.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wins Both Ways

Singapore calls for clarity from Malaysia on its participation in South Johor development - Mr Lee said Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has welcomed Singapore's investments in the area, but the Johor state government has publicly expressed its reservations about Singapore's role there. (Channelnewsasia, 4th Dec 2006)

This is a good one from Lee junior. A short press statement which is razor-sharp, just like the old man. Let's digest this slowly, if you want Singapore to invest, then slap the face of Johor Sultan, UMNO and state government. Otherwise you might prefer to slap the face of our PM by halting all the investment? Either way, He is the sole winner.

P/S: Somehow I did not manage to find the toolbars when I am posting this entry, so it is just plain text. Was it something wrong with or was it me?

Friday, December 01, 2006

No Update Notice

Due to some personal commitments during this period of time, I won't be updating this blog as much as before. Will be backed with hotter and the hottest updates soon.

Mave, I am still around, just that won't have much time to update my blog for a while. Instead, I will be leaving my traces in your blog and other bloggers'.

Friday, November 24, 2006

How Democractic Are We?

Democracy Index has been published by The Economist, guess what, Malaysia ranked 2nd last under "flawed democracy", at least we are better than Bolivia. The neighbouring countries are ahead of us in the ranking, you can check the full listings in pdf format from, click here.

I am expecting an official statement from the government, it doesn't matter which sh*t hole it comes out from but it always sounds the same. "Those that published the index, obviously does not understand the culture of Malaysia and the requirements for a multi-ethnical country". Culture of Malaysia, way to go with censorship in newspaper, discrimination and ISA!

I forgot the new trend led by Rafidah, "no comment" is the IN thing now.

Final Episode

Accusation irks German group - The Star, 24th Nov 2006
  • The German Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF) has defended its global ethic activities in Malaysia.
  • KAF representative Peter Schier said it was regrettable that Penang Umno delegate Shahbudin Yahaya had accused KAF of threatening Islam with its global ethic projects without verifying with the foundation what they do and lambasting them at the recent Umno general assembly.
  • Dismissing Shahbudin’s description of the “father of the global ethic concept” Prof Dr Hans Kueng as a Jew from Germany, Schier said Dr Kueng was a “very famous Roman Catholic theologian from Switzerland” and highly respected by religious leaders of all faiths.

PAS veep: Umno tried to mask flaws - The Star, 24th Nov 2006

  • The recent Umno general assembly where some speakers debated racial issues has tarnished the country's image and caused uneasiness among Malaysians, PAS vice-president Datuk Mustafa Ali said.
  • He said the debates at the meeting had gone overboard and what was done was just to cover-up the flaws of Umno which claimed to have been championing the Malays.
  • “By picking on the Chinese, they (Umno) believe they can garner more support from the community but actually they created more animosity and fanned friction among the ethnic groups.
  • “They found Chinese as the scapegoat to hide their own faults and failures to uplift the standard of Malays,” he said here yesterday.

This will be my last post on UMNO GA. Further analysis on the speeches is not needed, I bet most must have known, the whole sandiwara is just crap.

Focus On Development, Media or PM?

Pak Lah: Stop playing up racial issues - The Star, 24th Nov 2006
  • The Prime Minister wants all Malaysian media to stop playing up racial issues and instead focus on stories about the nation's development.
  • Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said matters raised by various delegates at last week's Umno general assembly should not be interpreted as the party's or the Malays' stand.
  • “My winding-up speech at the Umno general assembly has been accepted by all Barisan Nasional component parties,” he said here yesterday.
  • Earlier, Abdullah was asked by a reporter for his comments as some newspapers continued to publish stories on racial matters.
  • Initially, the Prime Minister appeared to be taken aback by the question and asked the reporter: “Today too?”
  • When the reporter replied in the affirmative, Abdullah then said the media should stop highlighting such stories.
  • He said the media should report more about the development programmes taking place.

UMNO delegates are not playing racial card, guess who is the culprit? It is damn media who reports nothing but the truth. PM, you shouldn't blame the media, there is nothing spicy enough to report, apart from the batu seremban stuff and in terms of development, maybe only Zakar's mansion is worth mentioning.

I also have a statement for our beloved PM, "stop protecting the priviledged racists in your government, especially the SIL and focus on the country's development". You should help the media, or else they will run out of job very soon, since there is nothing for them to report.

By the way, the space training that "we have invested" might be showcased live on TV, I wonder if Russian government allows that. Oops, they haven't discuss with the Russian yet, then why bother to announce? You have plenty of chance to slap your own face, no hurry.

Astronaut training may be shown live on Internet - Malaysians may get to watch the country’s two astronauts undergo training “live” on the Internet. Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Jamaludin Jarjis said he would discuss the matter with the Russian Space Agency during his trip to Moscow next month. (The Star, 24th Nov 2006)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Anyone Needs A Zakar's Service?

(Source of info: GuangMing Daily)

Mr. Zakar et. al. are making their way to the news headline again. There are too many allegations of Zakar gang flouting the law for me to translate, so just go ahead and read the details in Chinese.

By the way, he mentioned that if his service is still needed, he is willing to be on the battle field again during the next general election. Do vote for Zakar OK, he got a big mansion to pay for and a large family to be taking care of.

Facts On Rela Clarified

Check ID of Rela officers, public advised - The Star, 2end Nov 2006
  1. For any raid, there must be a Rela "officer" leading group of Rela members
  2. The Rela officer will have an authority card, with details verified and issued by the national security division in the Prime Minister’s Department.
  3. The officer will have his photograph, name and serial number stated on the card. The card is the size of a credit card, yellowish in colour and will have the words ‘Authority Card’ printed on it as well
  4. Only Rela officers had the power to enter private premises to search for illegals without needing a warrant.
  5. You can find out if the person having the card is really a Rela officer by calling 03-8888 6308 or 03-8888 6314. All raids conducted by Rela were also planned well in advance and recorded by the district-level offices.
  6. Raids by Rela are usually carried out in teams of at least 15 to 20 people.

Something that I reproduced from The Star for ease of reading. If a few Rela members are trying to stop you at the middle of night or charging into your house, you have the right to say "no". Main point is the raid is normally conducted by 15-20 people, headed by a "officer" who holds the authority card. Any doubt, call the magic number.

Be a wise citizen by knowing your rights.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who Is the Real Racist

(Source of info:

What is wrong with putting up Chinese politicians' opinion on the newspaper after the ethnic bashing during UMNO general assembly. If this act has been classified as inciting racial hatred, I believe the authority should have tougher action in mind for the few priviledged UMNO delegates who are waiting to bath with their blood.

Instead of safe-guarding the rights of all ethnics through the constitution, the real racists play the games well, labelling anyone against their ideology as "racists". It takes guts to tell the truth in Malaysia's mainstream media and when you do, the real "racists" will crush you like a tiny fly.

UMNO has priviledge provided by the law, and they are good in manipulating it to their advantage based on circumstances. The way I look at this, they are a notch above Malaysia's law, just like the Rela men.

Come on, Pak Lah. Don't bluff your naive rakyat, where is the media freedom as promised since your guys can't even tolerate the mildest comment. How about some spices from other ethnics and opposition parties? I heard our ex-PM's comments are well tolerated but I bet that is because you don't want to crush your own rice bowl by losing the support of your own party members, right? Are you game for some naked truth on the media?

Criminals Do Read Newspaper

A very well-planned job - The Star, 21st Nov 2006
  • Two container trailers driven by men in Rela uniform did not raise any suspicion when they arrived at the MASKargo Complex in Batu Maung here at 2.15am yesterday.
  • The “Rela personnel” told the two Customs officers manning the checkpoint that they were there to flush out illegal workers and instructed them not to alert the people inside the complex.
  • In just an hour, they piled 585 cartons and 18 pallets of microchips and motherboards manufactured by a multi-national company in Bayan Lepas into the containers.
  • The loot estimated to be worth US$12.7mil (RM46.99mil) was said to be the country’s biggest ever heist. And arguably the most audacious, too.
  • Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was in Putrajaya, was livid when informed of the robbery. The Prime Minister was very angry over the lack of security.

Criminals are getting smarter and I bet they do read newspaper. Is anyone going to revise the provision that Rela members are allowed to force enter a business premises without a search warrant? The povision was the hot talk of the town few weeks back, which put the police force to shame, with their "I am the law" claim. Not even police can conduct a search without a warrant but these Rela men do.

Don't be angry, our dear PM because we only have ourselves to blame. How it all started, read the first line of the news and you might see the light.

Negaraku, or Negaramu?

Fiery argument over who owns M'sia - The Sun, 20th Nov 2006
  • The debate on Budget 2007 for the Entrepreneur & Cooperative Development Ministry in Parliament today turned chaotic when Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang questioned the accuracy of a figure given by Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai).
  • "At the (recently concluded) Umno general assembly, there was a mistake stating that the International Herald Tribute was based in the United Kingdom," said Lim chuckling.
  • The irritated Badruddin rebutted: "Ini negara kami (This is our country). (You are) samseng (thug) and kurang ajar (rough) ... This is Umno's business. You don't interfere."
  • "You are so petty and narrow-minded. And I am a Malaysian," Lim shouted, adding that the Speaker should make a ruling whether the statement was appropriate.
  • Baharuddin explained that when he said 'negara kami', it includes all Malaysians. However, his clarification failed to pacify the opposition MPs.
  • Peace was only restored when Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib ruled that Badruddin had no intention to imply the country belonged to Malays only but to all Malaysians.

I am puzzled, is it Malaysia negaraku, negarami or negaramu? Are we singing a different national anthe or was it just another misunderstanding? I doubt so, remember Baharuddin mentioned the magic word, UMNO, and also the most IN term during the assembly, "kurang ajar". Yeah, yeah, we are the rich "samseng" that spoon-fed you with those non-halal money while you "kuat belajar" UMNO's keris ideology.

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