Thursday, September 28, 2006

A True Malaysian

His heart still beats for Malaysia - The Star, 28th Sept 2006
  • Billionaire Robert Kuok owns newspapers and a television station but his evasion of the media cloaks him in mystery. Known as the master of networking, he has one of the best links with the leadership of China, one of the fastest-growing economies, but the Johor-born businessman is still very much a Malaysian at heart.
  • “Build up the country through education,” he advised, saying that education must not be compromised.
  • Kuok stressed that he cared a lot for the country, and he called on Malaysians to do business the honest and hard way.
  • “Business is always hard work. Many people think they can make money with the Government’s help.
  • “You have to do business the proper way. Never bribe anyone. Money can be made slowly,” he said.

I couldn't agree more with the headlines that Robert Kuok's heart still beats for Malaysia. He knows what is happening back in the hometown, "education must not be compromised" and "you have to do business the proper way". True Malaysians are those that speak with conscience and stand-up to defend the truth, not those that try to stay in the same boat, waiting for a chance to make it to the top.


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