Monday, September 25, 2006

Say No To Corruption

Thai corruption inquiry begins - A special commission is beginning work in Thailand to investigate allegations of widespread corruption under ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Nine investigators appointed by the new military government will examine the tax records of Mr Thaksin's ministers. Government corruption was one of the main reasons given by the military for launching last week's coup. "Any cases that cause serious damage to the country, we will have to investigate urgently," said Parnthep Klanarongran, the new chief of the National Counter-Corruption Commission. "If anyone commits wrongdoing, they will have to be prosecuted in the courts," he said on Saturday in an interview with Thai television. (BBC, 25th Sept 2006)

A lot of people is still in state of denial for Thailand's millitraty coup. I would not comment on the good or bad but definitely a thumbsup for the speedy establishment of special commision for graft. It seems that while government stays blind about corruption issue, the people will not.

"Say no to corruption", let's make it a clean country for all.

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