Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ACA, Anti-Complaint-Agency

Money laundering report against deputy minister - The Star, 8th Nov 2006

  • A fruit exporter has lodged a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency alleging that a deputy minister was involved in money laundering of up to RM10mil.
  • Mohamad Tahir Fazal Mohamad lodged the report on Aug 23 along with supporting documents.
  • Among them, were certified copies of receipts of payment to the deputy minister from 2000 up to the present day, and the general ledger of a company of which the deputy minister is chairman.
  • Mohamad Tahir claimed the documents showed that the deputy minister had breached the Anti-Laundering Act and Bank Negara regulations through the illegal transfer of huge sums of money.
  • “I have gone to see the ACA four times since filing the report but nothing has been done,” he said at a press conference yesterday at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat office.
    “They have not even recorded my statement.”
  • At the press conference, he was flanked by lawyers Damian Pheny, who is his counsel, and Sivarasa Rasiah, who is the PKR vice-president.
  • “If there is no response from the ACA after this, we will assist to take it up to Putrajaya to the Prime Minister’s Department,” Sivarasa said.

What did the Anti-Corruption Agency deputy director-general Datuk Zakaria Jaffar just said when Malaysia slipped 5 places on the Corruption Perception Index?

"The agency was independent and could investigate politicians, but people were not willing to come forward with information".

What did someone that is trying to lodge a complaint said (be reminded that he has hand-full of information)?

“I have gone to see the ACA four times since filing the report but nothing has been done, they have not even recorded my statement.”

Come on, how many times these people need to slap their own face before they woke up? ACA, Anti-Corruption-Agency or Anti-Complaint-Agency?

ACA not obliged to brief complainant - 9th Nov 2006

  • The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is not required to inform a complainant of any follow-up action or investigation it may take on a report lodged with it.
  • Its director-general Datuk Seri Zulkipli Mat Noor said the agency would study the report and then investigate accordingly if there was a basis to it.

The issue is, for the very least that you could do, at least you should have taken his statement, right? More excuses?


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