Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crime On The Rise

Crime on the rise in Sarawak - The crime index in Sarawak has risen 17.4% in the first 10 months this year, with 10,800 cases reported. (The Star, 2nd Nov 2006)

It is a 17.8% rise in crime index!

Every time when I am backed to my hometown for short vacation, people around me would remind me to be careful of where I walk, where I park my car and how I carry my phone and wallet.

During those young days, I often have sweet dates with my girlfriend to places like parks and waterfront promenades, all which have now turned into "dark spot" for crimes. Those places that I used to hang out with my fellow friends for a cold beer at night, have instead become the heaven for car thieves.

This is very saddening when I learned that the clean and peaceful small little town that I used to live in, is now the breeding ground for crimes. Can someone do something to help this place?


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