Monday, November 13, 2006

Just Another Epic

Leaders of Malaysia's ruling party back PM Abdullah - Leaders of Malaysia's ruling party used the start of an annual week-long summit Monday to voice strong support for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, following continued attacks by his predecessor. (Channelnewsasia, 13th Nov 2006)

Meeting to be aired live on XX - The Umno general assembly, which begins today at the Putra World Trade Centre here, will be shown live over XX’s Channel XX. (The Star, 13th Nov 2006)

If you have ever wondered why certain cable TV operator is live-telecasting the proceeding of UMNO's general assembly, you should be able to find your answer through this short news extract. It is about propaganda and declaration of loyalty. It is another cosplay, stageplay or whatever play you like to call it, meant to gain support for next general election. Hopefully I have put it in a layman term, simple enough to understand. If the people are behind the PM, why does UMNO has to stage so many epics to convince the people?

I have decided to leave out the cable TV operator's name and channel number because I don't do free advertisement and it is against my will to help them with the publicity. Why bother to watch if you have already know the outcome? I remember once my university mate passed us a few questions so that we can ask him during his presentation. He will then answer in style with the prepared answers and all these are just so familiar.

Release of statistics on Bumi's equity and live telecasting the scrutiny would be a better idea. I bet the viewership should be high enough to impress. Do not miss out the racial element, it must be scrutinised by experts of all races, different parties and also NGOs. If you meant to do it with MIC and MCA only, then don't bother to waste your resources.


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