Friday, November 24, 2006

Final Episode

Accusation irks German group - The Star, 24th Nov 2006
  • The German Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF) has defended its global ethic activities in Malaysia.
  • KAF representative Peter Schier said it was regrettable that Penang Umno delegate Shahbudin Yahaya had accused KAF of threatening Islam with its global ethic projects without verifying with the foundation what they do and lambasting them at the recent Umno general assembly.
  • Dismissing Shahbudin’s description of the “father of the global ethic concept” Prof Dr Hans Kueng as a Jew from Germany, Schier said Dr Kueng was a “very famous Roman Catholic theologian from Switzerland” and highly respected by religious leaders of all faiths.

PAS veep: Umno tried to mask flaws - The Star, 24th Nov 2006

  • The recent Umno general assembly where some speakers debated racial issues has tarnished the country's image and caused uneasiness among Malaysians, PAS vice-president Datuk Mustafa Ali said.
  • He said the debates at the meeting had gone overboard and what was done was just to cover-up the flaws of Umno which claimed to have been championing the Malays.
  • “By picking on the Chinese, they (Umno) believe they can garner more support from the community but actually they created more animosity and fanned friction among the ethnic groups.
  • “They found Chinese as the scapegoat to hide their own faults and failures to uplift the standard of Malays,” he said here yesterday.

This will be my last post on UMNO GA. Further analysis on the speeches is not needed, I bet most must have known, the whole sandiwara is just crap.


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