Monday, November 20, 2006

Power, But A Cleaner One Please

Groups protest against coal power plant project - The Star, 20th Nov 2006
  • A coal-fired power plant in an area earmarked for eco-tourism in Silam is yet to get off the ground but already it is stoking up anger among several groups in this part of east coast Sabah.
  • The most vocal opponents to the 300MW plant, said to cost between RM1.2bil and RM1.3bil, are a group of environmentalists, social activists and local businessmen in this booming agriculture town.
  • They fear the plant will do more harm than good for them and the environment stretching from Darvel Bay to the pristine Danum Valley forest, some 80km away.
  • We need power. But we want clean power,” said Wong Tack, the Sabah Environment Action Committee chairman in Lahad Datu district where several vehicles were seen sporting stickers which said: “No coal power plant” and “Coal-fired power plant jeopardises health.”

I am not environmentalist, nor social activist but I do support every effort that could contribute to a greener environment for the future generations. "We need power, but we want clean power", is a short but straightforward message to the authority, right on bull's eye.

Bring your own carrier or bag if you are doing your weekly grocery shopping, use less plastic bags, or use only bio-degradable bags (i.e. paper bags) to save the earth.


At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely - we need to get people to stop using so many plastic bags!!

Please check out my blog - it is all about international efforts against plastic bags. It can be found at


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