Friday, September 29, 2006

No Salary Revision For Poor Civil Servant

PM: No salary revision for cops and civil servants - The government has shot down the request by Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) and the police force for a salary revision. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad said the government is not ready to pay higher salaries now as available funds need to be channelled for development. (The Sun, 28th Sept 2006)

Halting the super duper sports complex in London should save us a few billion's bucks for our poor civil servant. Alternatively for a quick solution, we can consider looking into sacking the slacking ambulance service providers and immigration officers, and put the money into good use. Well, maybe showing the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit to other countries is more important than feeding your people. What can I say, "Malaysia Tak Boleh" again?

Link: Privatisation of ambulance service, Getting passport stamped, did I not try to?, A simple comparison tells the story


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