Friday, September 29, 2006

Bumiputera Equity at 45%

Asli welcomes discourse on bumiputra equity ownership - The Sun, 29th Sept 2006
  • The Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute's Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) would welcome the opportunity to discuss its findings on Bumiputra equity ownership with other non-partisan bodies and individuals.
  • The "Corporate Equity Distribution" report, which was based on primary and secondary research, found that Bumiputra corporate share may be as high as 45%, rather than the official 2004 estimate of 18.9%.
  • Several individuals have disputed the validity of the report's findings, including Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia treasurer general Zainol Abidin Abdul Hamid and Universiti Putra Malaysia economics lecturer Judhiana Abdul Ghani.
  • Zainol said the CPPS report was inaccurate because it contradicted official statistics, while Judhiana said even if the target of 30% Bumiputra equity has already been achieved by the New Economic Policy, ownership is concentrated in the hands of a small group.
  • Lim said the study was undertaken by a multi-racial group of scholars and consultants as part of work in connection with the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

ASLI has agreed for a discussion with non-partisan bodies and individuals, so government, are you going to initiate similar effort to debate your computation? I would totally ignore Zainol's comment since that is not even a debating statement, but only pledges of loyalty to the government. Yeah right, government cannot go wrong! As for Judhiana's claim that 30% equity has been achieved but in the hands of a small group, are we having a new definition of 30% equity possession again? Anyway, I would like to thank Judhiana for her supporting statement, to prove that there is basis for ASLI's number.

While someone has commented that the computation was done by a single race (which obviously is wrong as "the study was undertaken by a multi-racial group of scholars and consultants"), did anyone noticed that those refused to accept the stats are also from a single race only? Laughing stock again?

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