Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Getting Passport Stamped, Did I Not Try To?

Get passports stamped, Malaysian commuters told - The Star, 26th Sept 2006
  • Malaysians crossing the border to southern Thailand should follow immigration rules and get their passports or border passes stamped rather than just wave them at checkpoints.
  • Waving documents or even just nodding heads at immigration officers is commonly done by the inhabitants of both sides of the Malaysian-Thai border in Kelantan as they cross the border daily for work and trade.
  • The army’s Eighth Brigade commander Brig-Jen Shaharuddin Abu Bakar said this practice should be stopped.

Looks like it is not only happening in JB, but a norm at Malaysia-Thai border too, which the authority has chosen to "close one eye" all the while. Did anyone tell Brig-Jen Shaharuddin that I tried to get my passport stamped at JB checkpoint but the officer choose to ignore me?

Link: A simple comparison tells the story


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