Thursday, September 21, 2006

Snatch Robbers, That's Your Electric Chair

Snatch thieves slash woman - A 26-year-old foreign housewife was slashed on her wrists by two motorcyclists before they snatched her waist-pouch at Taman Bunga Blossom here. (The Stars, 21st Sept 2006)

If you ask me for my opinion on recent snatch cases, I would definitely ask for the maximum sentence to be reviewed and culprits to be punished severely. The potential harm for the victims is just unimaginable and these snatch "robbers" are ruthless. There is a huge difference between being not knowing the consequences of snatching and knowing it, but still choose to do it and at the same time, causing misery to the victims and families.

For me, I would not think twice to put those b*st*rds in jail for years and with no mercy, put them on the electric chair, if they have caused death to the victims.


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