Thursday, October 26, 2006

It Is A Narrow Minded Season

Australian Muslim leader under fire over remarks on women - Todayonline, 26th Oct 2006
  • Australia's most senior Islamic cleric has sparked uproar after describing scantily-clad women as "uncovered meat" inviting sexual attack.
  • The government's sex discrimination commissioner called for the cleric, Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali, to be sacked and deported while several ministers expressed outrage over the remarks.
  • Al-Hilali made the remarks in a Ramadan sermon to 500 worshippers last month in which he criticised women who "sway suggestively", wear make-up and no hijab or Islamic headscarf, The Australian newspaper reported.
  • "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat," he said.
  • "The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred."

Analogously, "If you take out a lot of money, put it in your pocket, or inside your tiny undies, and someone robs you or even murder you, whose fault is it, the robber or the money". It is a season of narrow minded people giving the stupidest speech and thought on earth. Let's stop all this ignorant act. You don't live in your own world, and do pay some respect to the people, religion, environment around you. You are just humiliating yourself.

Link: Another Unreasonable Reason, Wish you a not so happy occasion


At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a ridiculous statement! (re: the uncovered meat). only serve to make them a laughing stock!

do they mean women should stay at home all the time, do not venture out because if they do and men set their eyes on them lustfully and rape them, it is the womens' fault?

plain ridiculous! stink to highest heaven! (borrowed from ex DPM).

do you remember some cleric in bali, indonesia said that naked women are worst than bombs?

ha! it's their naked mind that is fill with lustful thoughts about to bomb, that's why they made all these silly statements... to blame the women.

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Helen said...

The world is full of temptations. Every person should take responsibility for their own action, and not the other way round.

Can I on the other hand ask men who cannot practice self-restraint gouge out their own eyes?

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Maverick SM said...

Frivolous and vexatious.

A dim-wit. Even the Quran did say that. The Holy Quran advised the women to protect themselves by not revealing parts of the body which could put them at risk.

At 5:14 PM, Blogger O2Deprivation said...

Lucia, how would you not discriminate them when their teaching/intepretation discriminates you?

Helen, only those that couldn't resist the lust have to call for covering up the "uncovered meat".

Mave, for this case, the cleric is free to advise based on their teaching but not to the expense of sex discrimination and super-imposing their belief on the others.

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With so many of our brainpower flowing overseas we need to ask why.

Lately, I have travelled to Australia and Canada where I met quite a number of former Malaysians. In the course of conversation the topic of migration inevitably cropped up. Hence the question, why migrate?

Practically everyone gave almost the same answer - fair treatment by the government of their adopted country. No discrimination in education intake. No special colleges for any race. All their children sit for the same exam. No such thing as one race monopolizing the government jobs. The list goes on and on.

Look at our civil servants, how many are non-malays? All the comments that there are not many non-malay applicants are nonsense. A number of my non-malay classmates applied but none was successful.

Just look at the government offices and schools. They are virtually staffed by only one race. This is not healthy.

Special rights? Look at the level of service we get at public sector and that is special service for you. The best of the best gets slighted and what do we have left?

To improve the malays lot, more have to be made to work in private companies where competition is real and what counts is your ability. If special rights only help malays to become government servants, then all the more reason not to invoke special rights.

At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe in a way, God is the ultimate handicapper. Singapore with nothing but human power has become the economic powerhouse whereas Malaysia, the land of oil, milk and honey, is still complacent.

In the world where knowledge and skills is increasing the determinant of economic gains, the NEP policy essentially is a surgical cut-off for most non-malays. Where one knowledge and skills is not afforded legal protection is basically exploitation and indenture.

As long as government practice racial policies, our country will not only be slowed in progress but sink deeper into the mud.

Malaysians were made to think BN is the only party that could bring unity, progress and harmony to the country.

Based on their past performance, the country is more divided than ever before. There were gross neglect and abuse of public resources and taxpayers monies. Proper, efficient and effective administration of government ministry, departments and agencies were neglected. The country has become more religious with strong emphasis on religion and morals but the crimes rate, including white collar crimes have increased significantly. And more……….

BN had lost its plot. Politic and business are a bad mix. With serious and ugly internal power struggles within its component parties, in particular Umno, it has grossly distracted their attention to properly run the country in the best interest of the ordinary people, will take a long time to resolve and heal.

In consideration of the many urgent and critical challenges confronting Malaysia and the inability of BN to lead due to its internal problems, an alternative government must be formed to meet these challenges to safeguard and protect Malaysia and its ordinary people.

BN ministers must be encouraged to cross over to form an alternative government with fresh, new, practical and workable ideas to clean up the mess and make it work in the best interest of Malaysia!

Great leader in Malaysia achieved greatness in the transformation of the minds of the people, in a unique way, by transforming a clear mind to third world mentality, amidst the slogan of Malaysia Boleh.

First class infrastructure but grossly underutilised and maintained!

A gross waste of public resources and taxpayers monies which could have been better spent on upgrading universities, schools, social welfare for the very poor and desperate, increase public servants salaries and facilities including police, etc.

What we have now in Malaysia are the lower class infrastructure, thus it looks only nice from outside but cannot stand the test of time.

Why? Because it were built by third fourth class mentality. We may come up with more list but every time our country move backward compare to Thailand. Another disaster was Indonesia take over us in the palm oil export. One day Malaysia will be the last one in South-East Asia.

The only way we can change is to vote them out. I hope and pray that fellow Malaysians will vote for the opposition to form a government instead of just a barking dog. This is always being the perception of opposition supporter.

At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chinese in Malaysia, are caught between a rock and a hard place. Vote for Barisan Nasional and put up with racism, inefficiency and corruption. You will see your rights as a citizen being slowly whittled away.

Vote for the opposition and no development or maintenance funds for your area. Anyway, with all the gerrymandering, the Chinese votes can't make a significant dent on Umno stranglehold on power.

So the Chinese bury their heads in the sand. They get busy earning money through legal as well as illegal means. Malaysian Chinese bookies and fake credit card syndicates are world-renowned.

Some of our most capable brains end up in Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. The more resourceful ones find Umno partners and go into big business. The rest of us mere mortals work our butts off to save money.

While it is debatable whether the Chinese are still in control of the economy or not, there is no doubt that a small number of well-connected Chinese businessmen are among the wealthiest people in Malaysia.

However, the vast majority of the Chinese in Malaysia are in the lower middle class, the middle class and upper middle class. They are bank-tellers, doctors, engineers, farmers, hawkers, peddlers, small traders, technicians, teachers, etc. There are about seven million Chinese in Malaysia. Common sense will tell you that not all of them are wealthy.

The Chinese are fed up with the government but they really feel helpless because they have been cowed into submission.

Fortunately, our traditional work ethics come to our rescue. We work hard to save money and send our children overseas and hope that they will have a better life there and be treated as first-class citizens.

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very please Badawi admits that Muslim countries are among the world most-corrupted. Look no further, just look at Malaysia. Want to learn corruption? Come to Malaysia. We will set up universities to teach that.

It is the Muslims (those ignorant and confused) that are corrupt. Their leaders show very bad example and stop calling their countries Islamic countries. They are not Islamic countries - they are just countries run by false leaders - they are not Muslim leaders.

Right on, man. Could not agree with you more. Malaysia indeed is one of the few top corrupt countries in the world. Soon it will put Nigeria and Indonesia into shame! Using religion as a fascist front to enrich the BN gangs is sub-human and evil.

In fact the whole religion set up in Malaysia is a direct duplication of the Hitler regime, with the Hitler youth now reemerging. Using this power to enrich the gangsters, as history shows it, will not last.

The World Bank has shown that reducing corruption by a small percentage will yield a 3 to 4 times rise in GDP per head. That talking about reducing poverty is a lot of bullshit. By just talking about reducing corruption in international arena to make fame without any knowledge of corruption's implication is sheer stupidity and we have it in Malaysia, time and again.

Islam itself is a corrupted religion. They copy Jews and Christianity religions. Then stole Pagan Temple and take away Hajar Aswad the Pagan God. Hmm what a shame?

Our prime minister is full of shit. When Israel attacked Lebanon, he voiced out. But when Umno Youth attacked MCA, he didn't know about it!

When corruption is so blatantly happening in Malaysia, he keeps quiet but can talk in conference about other Islamic countries. What! Look at the speck in your own eye first! Don't close one eye and peep through the other.

Why worry about others when our very own "half-past-six" ministers are worst than the armed-robbers, because they rob the whole nation under the pretext of helping the bumis.

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reports of ethnic-minority students with near-perfect STPM results not getting a place at the local university have become the norm, and yet objections are often ignored - the government claims that it is a fair game for all.

Personally, I had no choice but to go overseas to study, and my parents had to spend their entire pension savings on financing my undergraduate degree in Australia. After graduation, most of my Malaysian classmates chose to either stay in Australia or work in Singapore, where equal opportunities and fair competition give them better job prospects.

Before coming to the London I did my masters degree in Singapore, where I met many Chinese Malaysians in this situation. Most of us would like to return to Malaysia, but we know that research prospects for minorities are limited. No matter how talented we are, it seems we still have to travel outside our country to seek opportunities.

Unless we all vote in a more representative and responsible government, more Malaysians will leave.

I know a couple, the guy was a finance director in one of the big local banks while the wife was a finance manager and they had 4 children. They emigrated to New Zealand and the children were very happy with the new education system.

Mostly it was because what he had articulated as his reasons for leaving was somewhat true and reflective of the unsaid feelings of the majority of non-malay citizens of this country.

No one in the current leadership positions appear to have what it takes to bring Malaysia to the era of enlightenment.

My view on the future of Malaysia? Well, basically the same as the current African states, if not worse. Why? Because the government is an expert in coming up with new types of taxes to tax the people and use the money collected to throw at the Muslims literally. But are nuts when come to improving economy and social security.

In another 30 years, all the rich Chinese people will emigrate to China, while the rest of them will go to America, Australia and Singapore. What is left? A rotting piece of land with its inhabitants not any better off.

If the current government does not change their arrogant, lazy and stupid attitude, I will not be surprise that 1 Singapore dollar can buy 10 Malaysia rinngits in another 10 years time. Right, the Malaysia government has said that they have not dropped in their standards, just that other nations are growing faster than them.

This is the difference between Malaysia and Singapore. To the Malaysia government, what I want to say is this, "This tiny red dot (Singapore) has evolved from a piece of mud to become a piece of shiny gold, while in the same time span, you have evolved from a piece of wood only to stone, at the very best."

In the future to come, this red dot will further become a diamond, while its counterpart might just revert back to wood, if not worse.

I guess the racism goes on and on and I do feel for the minority races over in Malaysia if they had encounter a problem or a situation where they felt racially discriminated - and really can prove it.

I feel such sentiments almost everyday but I guess I always have reminded myself that, life is way bigger than the color of our skin and that what is more important no matter how clique it may sound; are families and friends.

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I studied computing in Australia a decade ago, and one thing I grew to love is open-book exam. Every computing subject has open-book exam, I never needed to memorize anything. All I did was understood the concepts and worked hard with assignments.

If I spent the effort in doing assignments (which were really hard), then there is a good chance to score well in exam, because it is all about algorithm design, problem-solving and understanding.

By doing difficult assignments, you developed competence, and with that competence you should be able to do well in open-book exam. The exam questions always asked you to solve some problems that sound different from what is covered in assignments or lectures or past-year exams.

I would say a good faculty of computer science should have open-book exam. But I am not sure local faculty knows how to set proper open-book questions. Of course not all disciplines are suitable for open-book exam.

The matriculation college in Australia which I attended offered computer science and its exam was open-book. By offering computer science at matriculation level, students could find out and try it whether this might be their degree choice.

Do accountants do their work without manuals? Do lawyers handle court cases without access to law guides? Do professionals design software without access to manuals and references?

An open-book exam recognizes this reality in practice, and attempt to simulate a problem-solving environment in exam. But it can be scary because I never knew what questions would come up.

In closed-book exam you predict questions in terms of topics relevance. In open-book exam there is not much you can do to prepare, except sleep well the night before, which was the best thing about the exam.

At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear friends, I have spent 10 years in Malaysia, I am a foreigner, an academe and I am going to be thrown out for University Malaya despites of excellent research activities. I understand your problems, I love Malaysia people, I care for UM and for Malaysia, three races not easy.

There are for the moment no solutions for your interracial problems. The boil will mature and explode a day. When no more cash from Petronas will support the delirium of the present deciders, it will be terrible, everything will be collapse, all will be finished. But after that you could perhaps rebuild a nation.

Meanwhile just have a drink and forget about what you see, let time do.

I speak to myself:

UM was once a good university. It has been a university up to the mid-1980s, after that it started to "sink", now it has reached the bottom. In the 1960s and 1970s, you could see well groomed lecturers and pretty clerks with well ironed dress.

How sad, why should we care? We should care for the students who are the first victims, especially the foreigners - we should care for all the good academes who, hopeless and destroyed by the "fill the form and eat noodles but never think" ideology, finally suicide, left ruined and depressed or were thrown out and replaced by spoiled losers.

They say they want to bring UM up - it is a joke. That is impossible unless you change public perception on "success"……….

Too many black magic players and fat asses are running the show there, from top to bottom. If you have any expatriate friends who tell you I am going to join UM, never ever allow him to work there, if you care for him.

Fellows, the brain drain in Malaysia is a normal process because the brains are not wanted, they are thrown out like dirt. A very skilled person, an intellectual will fall into depression very fast in working in a Malaysia working place, and worst if he or she is an academe in public sector.

True, Singapore does well. This is because the leaders of Singapore have implemented a public service that works: reliable, polite, fast, accurate. Singapore has very good leaders who have understood Singapore must open to the world.

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a secular state. It was so when we attained independence in 1957 and it is still so, today. To say otherwise, is absolutely nonsensical.

These problem and confusion were all brought about by none other than our prime minister of 22 years - Dr Mahatir. He is the culprit and if the country suffers in any way as a result of what is taking place today - it is all due to his incompetence and arrogance.

He was a dictator in his own right and made many questionable decisions that has brought about upheavals amongst the various races. The non-malays cannot accept an Islamic state per se.

All they want is to be left alone to practice their faith in peace. The Muslims can go about and follow the true teachings of Islam and likewise practice their faith in peace as well. This is all there is to it.

Why then do they insist on wanting to use the term Islamic state now when they know pretty well that it was not one at the time independence was obtained! Let the status quo remain as it was.

At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do somebody mean by "It is acceptable for Malaysian Muslims to live alongside people of other religions?"

Who do you think you are? You are the only humans that have the bloody right to live? What is this a Nazi country? Yes talking bad about Jews, hey look at yourselves, you are segregating yourselves with the so-called "non-Muslims".

So it is a small surprise if others think you Muslims are all terrorists and extremists. Look at your statement!

If the Muslims really hate the US so much due to their religion especially! Boycott la, why are you still using "Made In US" products?

If you guys are so religious then why eat drug? Why drink alcohol? Why want to follow the Chinese around?

The malays can't accept themselves as who they are, but want to interrupt the lives of others. They just can't help but want to be us (non-Muslims).

Well, I sure do hope the malays employ their Taliban rules upon themselves if they really wishes too. I mean after all the Muslims are the ones doing the most crime, raping their own daughters, stealing and so on.

As long as they leave the non-Muslims alone, it is fine.

Secondly of course the Muslims find it acceptable to live with the non-Muslims because it is the non-Muslims who are feeding their families.

I can get out of this country. But I will not get out. I can emigrate to Australia, but I will not emigrate to Australia, because Malaysia is my country and a lot of Malaysian Chinese have help to build this country.

Mahathir only build Putrajaya which just benefits 10000 malay government workers. The 98% of the Malaysia population does not benefit from Mahathir project.

Umno-malays only sit down on their ass and collect commission. They didn't build this country. They don't even know how to manage a project, what more build a country!

Umno-malays talent is threatening, shouting, screaming, begging, asking for free lunch. That is their talent.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The medical profession is not the only one facing the 'brain drain' syndrome. I have friends and ex-colleagues who have joined me in leaving the teaching profession.

Most of us left not because we are unpatriotic. When we signed up to become teachers, we were full of zest to serve the nation's future generation.

Year in and year out, we churned out some of the most brilliant students who later became prominent people in our society. The rot started to set in when some of these educators decided to mix education with politics.

Promotions are granted based on who one knew (chances are even better if one became a member of a political party within BN), not what one has contributed to society on the whole. Sadly, this I believe is practised throughout all government sectors.

Some of us, like myself, left because of the unappreciative environment that we have been put through.

Imagine being labeled as racists by a bunch of primary students who couldn't even construct a simple sentence in English. They could only have learned this from their parents, or village elders who unfortunately, until this day, harbours ill feelings towards other races.

Imagine getting incredulous quotations for simple renovations of the school buildings and eventually approved by someone from the district education office.

Imagine the amount of taxpayers money spent on providing unnecessary workshops, training and courses of which the knowledge gained is not used at all. Millions of taxpayers money down the drain and some into someone's pocket. Need I elaborate more?

It is been 13 years since I left the profession and I must say I have no regrets. I am sure there are thousands more ex-teachers out there who share the same sentiments. It is time the government takes a hard look at the plight of the teachers before thousands more decide to hang up their gloves and call it quits.

Politics and education do not mix well; and corruption (not money) is the root of all evils.

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My understanding is so long as there is discrimination against one party, there will never be trust among each other. Let take for an example, imagine a person work so hard each day to support his family, and at the end of the day, he/she realize that the tax paying to the government will fully used to subsized and assist another party systematically.

Given that the economic share cake has now been totally controlled by the malays (more than 50%) and couple with all those systematic discrimination action taken by the government, I wonder how the unity of Bangsa Malaysia is going to exist.

In fact, my personal view is all has to do with the malays self, I find malay is very disgruntled and never satisfied, and with disgruntled behavior that is built in subconsciously, no wonder all the malay employees work in the government institution or any government link company will systematically bias when comes to approving some decision that involve "malay" and "non-malay", for example, we always see our leader talks about racial harmony and education scholarship should based on merit and fair.

However, little did he realize that when come to execution of his talking is not actually implemented by the middle management people in those institution.

A general truth is high dependency behavior will not make you growth!

Anyhow, don't be so naive, I hope you malay can read more newspaper and open up your eyes to see things more clearly. Quite clearly you have no idea what is going on in this country in term of the policy that have been implemented by our government.

Did you realized that your income that you earned is being divert to systematically assist the already affluent malay community!

I recently bought a condo at PJ, and one of the buyer next to me is a malay and was driving a brand new Honda Accord, and during conversation between him and his family that they can be granted a discount of 10%.

This is a real discrimination and obviously the government would have been taking to the court if this happen in the USA (unfortunately our legal system is also not discrimination entity).

Did you realize that nowadays that most of the people buying the branded staffs in Kuala Lumpur is dominated by malays, just take a scroll one day to KLCC and ask the branded shop personal about the majority of their community customer, you will be surprised.

Further, what really upset is the education scholarship not granted to other races. Big hope, I am fervent believer of God, and my church always pray for Malaysia. Do me a favor, wake up yourself, or stop disguising yourself.

I thanked God today because he has woke me up from my foolishness. Now it is my duty to wake you all up if you are still sleeping.

Yes, I can make a change! From now onward, as much as possible, I will not support any organization or body that worship racial discrimination. I will start this from petrol station and fast food restaurant. I do not have to wait until general election to decide what type of government I want.

And as for you, my beloved people, you have to decide today whether you want to reject, ignore or accept, my invitation to make a change in our country for the better future of our children and their next generation.

At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many of my family and friends were top scorers in their respective classes and schools and many were from some of the best schools in the Malaysia country. But when my eldest brother and his friends applied to local universities, almost none of them got their choice of courses.

When it came to my turn in the mid 1980s, I was already prepared to go overseas and did not even attempt to apply to local varsities. But many top scorers I knew not only did not get the courses of their choice, they were given courses that was beneath their intelligence.

A person capable of being a doctor was asked to go into agriculture. A person who wanted to do law was asked to study social science. A person who wanted to do economics was asked to do education.

In a number of cases I am personally aware of, those who also had appealed against not being given their choice of course were scolded by officers of the education ministry for 'being ungrateful'.

This is the hidden story that has not been told supposedly due to our 'social bargain'. There is no doubt in my mind there was near-fascist thinking within the education ministry for a number of years. My own personal guess is that it is still happening.

How is it possible that given the severe shortage of doctors in this country, only 779 places are available for medical studies in public universities? How is it possible that given the expansion of the number of hospitals in this country - both public and private - there has been not anything even near a corresponding increase in medical students intake?

My family and friends have almost all moved overseas and have not looked back since our school days. Many of us ended becoming IT engineers and doctors.

When we tell our growing children of the things we went through, they are aghast. As much as they suffer discrimination in our adopted countries, they are horrified when they discover the things that went on in Malaysia - and are still going on.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Maverick SM said...

Only fools talk with his kidney.

I didn't expect a mufti talks as if he is god.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger O2Deprivation said...

I believe no religion in this world would condoned and even encourage any wrongdoing. No one should associate a crime with any of the religions because it is the off-tracked teachings by certain people that leads to occurence of dicrimination, terrorist activities, suicides and other crimes. We should be more critical on the narrow minded persons, rather on the religion itself.

I am a 100% supporter of meritocracy system. Some academicians criticised it as another discrimination in disguise, since the minorities are being neglected due to competition. For me, I look at it in another perspective, at least the government does'nt discriminate the minorities and it is the minorities that marginalise themselves with their poor attitude and mentality. If they study and work equally hard, would they be left behind on the developments?

Now, let's revert back to our own country. As a non-bumi in Malaysia who has already been studying and working very hard for survival, why are we still being marginalised?

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Helen said...

Very busy issit? No new posting?


At 9:00 AM, Blogger O2Deprivation said...

Helen, you are right! Had been busy with all the weddings throughout this "good month". Will be updating the blog soon since I have just been released from my "duties".


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