Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wish You A "Not So Happy" Occasion

Rocky's blog has the coverage on how Muslim staff of the public-listed company, Takaful Malaysia, are discouraged from wishing its customers "Happy Deepavali" as it was against the syariat.

This is so narrow-minded and I am extremely disgusted with that. I do not believe that we should stop wishing others to be happy on their special occasion. What should we do then? Wish them a "not so happy" so that only we can be "happy" about it? I simply cannot agree with marginalisation of others by the name of one's religion since I believe the teachings of any religion emphasize on peace and harmony. Is there any mis-interpretation of the teachings by some narrow-minded persons? Please tell me about it.

Link: It Is A Narrow Minded Season, Another Unreasonable Reason


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