Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Bomb Blasted At Ipoh

Woman hurt in blast at Ipoh food court - The Star, 16th Nov 2006
  • An Ipoh City Council cleaner suffered slight injuries to her lower right leg after a homemade bomb exploded at the Medan Kidd food court.
  • M. Krishnambal, 54, who was given outpatient treatment, said she was removing a plastic bag from the floor at the food court around 9.45am yesterday.
  • “I thought it contained rubbish and had a shock when the package suddenly exploded,” she said, adding that the incident happened around 9.45am yesterday.
  • Hawker Halijah Bakar, 51, said she spotted a man in his 50s putting down the plastic bag.
  • “He came to my stall at about 7.30am and wanted to order nasi berlauk (mixed rice).
  • “When I told him I only had nasi lemak, he ordered Teh-O instead,” she said.
  • Halijah said the man looked nervous.

Can you see the direction which our country heading to?


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