Friday, September 29, 2006

"Necessity" vs. "Will"

Shortage of funds affects all districts - Baling's poor and destitute are not the only ones who have not been paid their allowances in the past four months, Kedah Social Welfare Department director Hadisah Hamid said. She added that the shortage was caused by Federal funds meant for them being used to help flood victims. “This has caused an imbalance in the payout to poor single mothers, the aged and the disabled in all districts in Kedah,'' she said yesterday. (The Star, 29th Sept 2006)

It makes me wonder whether is our country so tight on money. I am seriously against building of the sports complex in London. "HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING CENTRE"? We don't even have enough money to help the poor so why should we spend it on something that is not necessary. It is a "necessity" vs. "will" situation but I guess "will" is having an upper hand now.


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