Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Perfect Recruitment Centre - Simpang Renggam

Top gangs formed in detention centre - New Straits Times, 20th Sept 2006

  • They made holes in the wall of their cells, crawled through and socialised with each other freely. This startling discovery was made during a recent visit by Human Rights of Malaysia (Suhakam) commissioners to the centre.
  • Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam and Datin Paduka Zaitoon Othman led a team conducting an inquiry into the death of teenager Ramjit Singh. A detainee at the Simpang Renggam detention centre, he was electrocuted on Aug 3, leading his family members to allege that foul play was the cause of his death.
  • Over the past few years, some of the country’s top gangs have been formed behind the walls of the detention centre. Police investigations also suggest that some robberies have been planned while gang members were serving time for a slew of serious offences.
  • Police also believe that the leaders of the M-16 gang — which terrorised goldsmith shops in Johor and the Klang Valley — formed an alliance while serving time in Simpang Renggam.
  • More recently, members of the Mamak gang were said to have been planning behind bars the hijacking of containers.
  • At present, some 4,000 hardcore criminals are being held under preventive detention laws there. Among them are heads of secret societies, and ringleaders of vice and drug syndicates.
This is very convincing, you need Suhakam to find out the root cause of someone that died in the prison?! Way to go, Suhakam, you guys can do a better job than our beloved police force and also the prison officers. Simpang Renggam sounds like a good place to "recruit" potential business partners since we have already witnessed a few successful examples, namely "Deva", "M-16" and "Mamak". Hole in the wall and nobody knew it all these while? It's just unbelievable.

‘Inmate was electrocuted’ - Suhakam later clarified that there were no holes in the wall and Datuk Siva Subramaniam told the NST that inmates communicated with each other by moving through the fire hose chamber."There was a gap and this has been sealed following the incident," Fu said. (New Straits Times, 22nd Sept 2006)

You can drive a car and knock down someone, or you can drive a lorry and run someone over. What is the difference? If there is a gap that allows tem to move around freely, then whose fault is this? Doesn't the guard receive salary from the government, from our tax money? Doesn't the ministry going to conduct a thorough disciplinary investigation on all the personnels involved? What is the root cause? Security slackness or the particular inmate deserve to be electrocuted, since he has digging his own grave? We are always spinning around with the different version of stories, but nobody is willing to address the actual root cause.

Let me tell you this, if there has been periodical check on the cells, and the guards have been paying attention to all these details, this will not happen. I know that someone will be arguing that there is insufficient manpower, then the blame is being pushed further away, and away and diminished...our way

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