Thursday, September 21, 2006

Consumer Rules

Warning on unsafe bread - “A 2002 Australian study found that calcium propionate was capable of causing aberrant behaviour in children." It is shocking that millions of Malaysians are consuming breads with such high levels of preservatives. They should refrain from eating bread until it is proven safe by the Health Ministry. “The results of our findings will be submitted to the ministry over the next few days. The ministry should test all the breads in the market and ensure that those with excessive amounts of preservatives are withdrawn,” he said. When contacted, Health Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Lee Kah Choon said he would instruct his officers to conduct tests on breads following CAP’s recent findings. (The Star, 21st Sept 2006)

It was Suhakham in the newspaper yesterday and Case for today. Now even our Health Ministry is slacking. Where on earth do you need consumer to run the test for "Healthy" Ministry and tell them that the food is not fit to be consumed. Wake up "bla""dder"! You are sending your own friends and families to grave.

Acid in 16 brands of bread within safe level - Safe. This is the result of tests carried out by the Health Ministry on 16 popular brands of bread. The tests showed that the preservatives used in the bread were within the permissible level and safe for consumption. Health Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Lee Kah Choon said the ministry carried out random sampling and found the content of propionic acid within the permissible range. Said Lee: “We will check with CAP on their research and sampling methods,” he said, adding that he had also instructed health officers to carry out further checks. (The Star, 25th Sept 2006)

Let's watch out for the verification process. Consumers need to be alerted on the status and doubt must be clarified. Stay tune.

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