Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Malaysia U-turn on Pope statement - Malaysia has accepted the Pope's statement of regret about his remarks linking Islam with violence after initially describing it as inadequate. (BBC, 19th Sept 2006)

The tolerance margin for religion is getting tighter and tighter these days, a slight finger-pointing will lead to endless blood shedding across the world. I appreciate Pope's courage for expressing his regret upon realising the impact of his previous remarks. We are not barbarians, and if someone has made a mistake and apologized, let's move on. This is precisely the best moment to show the world on how forgiving is one particular person/religion.

We should have accepted the Pope's regret as early as possible to minimize the outrage, for the benefit of global community especially when our prime minister is the chairman of OIC, which signified a great influence in the community. Having to make an emergency "u-turn" immediately after meeting up President Bush is just something so interesting. It shows our forgiveness is somehow subjective, depending on the circumstances.


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