Thursday, October 05, 2006

Malaysians Should Not Question

Chua: Think of global issues, not equity share - The Star, 5th Oct 2006
  • MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said Malaysians, regardless of race, should focus on the global challenges.
  • “What is important is how Malaysians can prepare the nation to enable it to compete with our neighbours such as Thailand and Vietnam,” he said after opening a lantern festival organised here by four MCA divisions on Tuesday.
  • Dr Chua, who is also the Health Minister, said Malaysians should not question the equity distribution, as different evaluation methods would yield different results.
  • Commenting on a statement by an NGO recently that the Malays controlled almost 45% of the nation’s wealth, he said the statement had no effect on national unity.
  • The report by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute’s (Asli) Centre for Public Policy Studies on “Corporate Equity Distribution: Past Trends and Future Policy,” citing Bursa Malaysia Corporate Equity’s 2005 statistics, said the estimated volume of bumiputra equity ownership was 45% of the RM715.4bil of total stocks on the stock exchange, or RM325.08bil. However, the Government’s estimate of bumiputra equity ownership as stated in the 9MP was only 18.9%.

Mr vice president, let me get this straight, we are not trying to abolish the equity system, but merely being more critical on the assessment method. This will help to establish a proper and fair measurement method that is acceptable by the public. And when I mentioned public, I mean irregardless of race and ethnic. If this was not being defined correctly and openly, when will we know if the definition of "30% equity" is going to change again? Do you get it?

When it is concerning the country that we are living in and livelihood of the people, I wonder what is the role of you in our community? Instead of providing the necessary support, you requested your people to stop questioning. In my view point, you are simply dispensable when we are facing the "global challenge". I don't think you need much explanation on what is hogging us behind with all those gravy train allegations and unproductive projects.

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