Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Chess Game

Lee's statement could have incited feelings of Malaysians - The Star, 3rd Oct 2006

  • Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the Government did not consider Lee's letter of explanation as a letter of apology. “It is not an apology, he was saying that he was sorry for causing discomfort, not that he was sorry for saying that. It is two different things. “He just restated what he felt and it went beyond (what was) just a previous discussion,” he said before breaking fast with Wisma Putra staff in Putrajaya yesterday.
  • Barisan Nasional Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said Lee had to issue an apology to the Malaysian Government and the people because he had clearly violated the country's dignity and sovereignty by his statement on how the Chinese in Malaysia were treated. He added that Lee had to apologise after he faced criticism from Malaysians of all races, that he had overstepped the boundaries on an internal issue that should be discussed by Malaysians and not outsiders.

It is obvious that Hishammuddin has a worse command of English than me because he has mis-interpreted the letter from LKY. Syed Hamid in the other way, is much better as he clearly understood that LKY simply apologized for the "miscomfort" and not the "statement" he has made. "Lee apologised after he faced criticism in Malaysia of all races"? No, Hishammuddin, you are wrong. Check out the poll result in Kwang Wah Yit Poh, I think he may have more Chinese supporter than you do. I have the less updated result in my previous blog entry if you want to have a glimpse. By the way, LKY decided to publicised the letter and the whole world is watching. The smarter guy won an upper hand in this round, even when he has apologised. So who is the gentleman now? LKY has "apologised" and what about Malaysia over the numerous marginalisation comments that he has quoted?

Lesson learned. A good chess player must be able to predict all the moves before you decide to hit on your opponent.

'Singapore knows our stand' - The government will not take the issue of Lee Kuan Yew’s inflammatory statement and explanation any further but hopes such rhetoric would not recur. Najib wondered if Lee was serious about good bilateral ties as "how is this going to happen if he makes such statements". (The Straits Times, 6th Oct 2006)

In case you are still confused and not aware at this state, LKY has pointed out a few persons, who have raised the issue of Malay's marginalisation in Singapore. I have not heard the apology from them, and if Malaysia is "serious about good bilateral ties", they should start apologising and "how is this going to happen if" Malaysians "make such statements?". Clean your backyard first before you start firing, haven't learnt the lesson? Irony?

Unity panel wants Kuan Yew to say sorry - A parliamentary panel yesterday called on Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to retract his statement that Chinese in Malaysia were being systematically marginalised. Maximus was speaking to reporters after chairing a meeting of the committee near here. He said Lee’s remarks were uncalled for, unwelcome and tantamount to interfering in Malaysia’s affairs. (The Straits Times, 7th Oct 2006)

Maximus, why are you making the life so difficult for your PM. Didn't you realised that SIL, KJ has done the same mistake and now is a situation of "a thief shouting for another thief". Sigh! some people just don't get it. LKY is calling for a checkmate, unless you want another chess game? Are you up to it?

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