Tuesday, October 03, 2006

LKY Is Sorry, What About UMNO?

Lee says sorry - The Sun, 2nd Oct 2006
  1. Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has apologised to the Prime Minister over his remarks that the Chinese had been systematically marginalised in Malaysia.
  2. Lee said: "I am sorry that what I said has caused you a great deal of discomfort. After a decade of troubled relations with your predecessor, it is the last thing I wanted."
  3. He pointed out that there were occasions when Umno leaders had publicly warned Malaysian Malays that if they ever lost power, they risked the same fate as Malays in Singapore, "whom they alleged are marginalised and discriminated against".
  4. He said he had not said anything more than what he had said before, adding that he had no power to influence Malaysia’s politics or to incite the feelings of the Chinese in Malaysia.

By the way, LKY is sorry for making our PM feeling discomfort and not because of the statement that "Chinese has been systematically margnialised in Malaysia". Got it? So, is UMNO going to apologized to Singapore for their marginalisation comment? I doubt so.

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