Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Backing Down, Finally

Asli backs down over NEP data - The Sun, 10th Oct 2006
  • Under pressure from Umno politicians and certain segments of the Malay community, think tank Asli has backed down and agreed to withdraw a contentious report on the New Economic Policy (NEP).
  • Asli or the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute president Mirzan Mahathir issued a statement today saying the findings by its Centre for Public Policy Studies that bumiputra equity ownership could be as high as 45% cannot be "vigorously justified".
  • Mirzan noted that the report - Corporate Equity Distribution: Past Trends and Future Policy - was part of a larger study undertaken by a multi-racial group of scholars and consultants in connection with the Ninth Malaysia Plan. It was submitted to government in February, but the centre did not receive any feedback.
  • Sources said although Asli has officially agreed to withdraw the report, those involved in putting it together are standing by their work. However, they accept that the political reality left the institute no choice but to back down in order to stop the attacks on Asli.

ASLI has backed down under the intensed pressure, this is such a sad story to start my day with apart from hearing mave is retiring from blogging. I was still wondering if ASLI will maintain its debate and cross-checks government's account book and this news suddenly struck me hard on my head, dream on, man! Note that they have submitted the report to government in February but there is no feedback. Our government might just be a notch over Indonesian's since they can "tok kok sing song" and at the same time "act blur".

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