Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Contradictions: Let The Voice Of People Be Heard

Get people's opinion before making decisions, Najib tells local councils - The Star, 26th Sept 2006

  • All local authorities must seek the opinion of the public before making decisions affecting them.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said local councillors had such a duty to the people after chairing the 55th National Council for Local Government here yesterday.
  • The council also made three other decisions:
  • Local authorities to set up one-stop centres for quick approvals for developers using the build-and-sell concept;
  • All public buildings must have disabled-friendly facilities; and
  • All multi-storey car parks must install closed-circuit television

This is what we call, "the right direction". Let the voices of your people be heard, and most importantly, please include "non-bumis" if you want the true opinions of the "public". By the way, Najib is heartened easily from BN's component parties comment as below:

Najib heartened MCA and Gerakan rebutted Lee’s claims - The Star, 26th Sept 2006

  • Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is “heartened” that MCA and Gerakan have explained the actual situation of the Chinese in Malaysia.
  • “I am heartened by the fact that our partners in Barisan, like the MCA and Gerakan presidents, have issued statements to debunk whatever Lee had said to clarify the actual position in Malaysia,” said Najib.
  • Meanwhile, deputy MCA Youth chief Datuk Ling Hee Leong said Lee should not interfere in Malaysia’s policies.
  • It was up to the Government if it wanted Lee to apologise for his comments, he said.

Heartened? So what is the actual situation of the Chinese in Malaysia?

From Kim Quek's perspective:

  • Why have there been, year after year, top Chinese Malaysian students barred from universities, only to be admitted later (for some) upon begging by Chinese Cabinet ministers?
  • Why has there been a massive and unrelenting brain drain since then, resulting in many Chinese Malaysians excelling in many fields in foreign lands?
  • Why has there been a virtual monopoly by one race in the whole spectrum of the public sector, from the army and civil service to the judiciary and universities?

From Shen Muyu's perspective:

  • Mr Shen said the response of the Chinese leaders within Malaysia's ruling coalition to Mr Lee's remarks did not "come from the heart".
  • The presence of a quota system with respect to a number of government policies, as well as the policy of not allowing the creation of new Chinese-language primary schools, are evidence that the Chinese were being marginalised

Are the voice of your people being heard? It's up to individual to judge but at least mine was not heard, not from those in the same "boat". Ar...contradictions.

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